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Announcing ICHRP-Canada’s 10 days of solidarity with the Philippines!

From December 1st to 10th, ICHRP-Canada will be holding 10 Days of Solidarity for the Philippines! We’ll be highlighting our campaigns, sharing information about the human rights situation in the Philippines, and hosting three online events. We’ll also be holding a country-wide day of action to conclude the 10 Days, calling for the junking of the Anti-Terror Law, on International Human Rights Day.

A detailed list of days, in addition to registration links for the workshop and film screenings, can be found below. Look out for more details about the 10 Days of Solidarity in the next week!

If you’re interested in joining ICHRP-Canada or supporting our campaigns, you can reach us at, or by emailing us at

📆 December 1
Parliamentary petition signing to hold Canadian mining accountable – Sign the petition here

📆 December 2
Healthcare on Negros Island

📝 December 3 • Writing Workshop
Letters to Political Prisoners in the Philippines – Register here

📆 December 4
Counterinsurgency and Red-tagging

📆 December 5
Youth of Negros Island

🎥 December 6 • Film Screening
Facing the Real Enemy – Register here

📆 December 7
Labour on Negros Island

🎥 December 8 • Film Screening
Film Screening: “Dagami Daytoy” (This is our Land) – Register here

📆 December 9

✊ December 10 • Canada-Wide Mobilization
Junk Anti-Terror Law!

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