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Letter On Filipino Nuns Charged with Aiding Terrorists

This letter was originally sent via e-mail to Mr. Peter MacArthur, Ambassador of Canada to the Philippines, and Mr. Peter Lundy, Director General for Southeast Asia, ASEAN, APEC of Global Affairs Canada.

To: Ambassador MacArthur and Mr. Lundy,

We are bringing this matter to your attention in relation to our ongoing call that the Canadian Government stop its support to the Anti-Money Laundering Council and to the other programs and agencies implementing the Philippine Government’s Anti-Terrorism campaign. 

The Rural Missionaries of the Philippines and the human lawyers, who are falsely charged of providing funding support to terrorists are human rights defenders with whom ICHRP Canada has been working with for many years.  They are facing these risks because of their work. 

We call on the Canadian Government to denounce these acts of harassment and intimidation by the Philippine government and urge the Embassy in Manila to apply the tools provided in Voices at Risk to support them.

We reiterate our call for an end to Canada’s support to the Anti-Terrorism campaign of the Philippine government. 


This letter was sent in light of the news that 16 individuals, included several Catholic nuns, have been charged with allegedly financing terrorists under the Philippines’ Anti-Terror Law. We once again call on the Canadian government to end counter-terrorism support to the Philippines.