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Solidarity statement to 39th People’s Cordillera Day

April 24th 2023

Rev. Patricia Lisson, Chairperson

Guided by the central theme, “SUMKAD para iti daga, biag ken dayaw!” (SUMKAD for land, life and honour!), the International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines (ICHRP Canada) salutes and takes inspiration from the just, moral and historical basis for the struggle of the Cordillera people!

The indigenous peoples’ growing attempts to assert their rights to life, land, and resources have been met with brutal state repression, through the criminalization of peoples’ struggles, militarization of communities, bombings, and other human rights violations.

ICHRP Canada expresses our enduring support for the defense of the Cordillera region in the Philippines—the people, their land, heritage, and right to self-determination.

We condemn all attacks against the land and lives of indigenous peoples in the Cordillera. We demand accountability from the state, its agents, and the private corporations responsible for such offenses.

Defend and uphold human rights!
Long live international solidarity!