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ICHRP Canada Statement on the 75th International Human Rights Day

Press Release
10 December 2023

Rev. Dr. Patricia Lisson
ICHRP Canada Chairperson

ICHRP Canada Statement on the 75th International Human Rights Day

The International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines (ICHRP-Canada) stands in solidarity with the Filipino people, human rights defenders, peace advocates, and international rights groups as we mark the 75th International Human Rights Day.

We pay tribute to activists and human rights defenders, drawing inspiration from their unwavering commitment to justice and the defence of the rights of the impoverished and marginalized.

This year’s International Human Rights Day holds greater significance amidst the global landscape and the ongoing tragedy of the Palestinian people facing genocide. It emphasizes the need to address and highlight issues of assaults on people’s rights beyond mere commemoration.

In the Philippines, successive administrations have sought to resolve the decades-long armed conflict through various forms of state fascism and repression. The civilian population increasingly becomes targets in counter-insurgency operations, enduring indiscriminate aerial bombings and artillery attacks that disrupt their lives
and livelihoods.

ICHRP Canada is once again calling on the Canadian government to end its financial, programmatic and technical support for the anti-terrorism and counter-insurgency campaign of the Philippine Government. President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. is continuing the policy of the past Duterte administration, which weaponized the fight against terrorism into a tool of repression against citizens who dissent, including human rights defenders.

Despite these challenges, the Filipino people’s struggle for national liberation persists due to critical issues like widespread landlessness, increasing poverty and unemployment, subservience to foreign interests, blatant impunity and injustice, and elite rule remain unaddressed.

We amplify the call for justice for victims of rights violations in the Philippines, including supporting the pending investigation by the International Criminal Court on Rodrigo Duterte.

ICHRP Canada welcomes the recent joint statement commitment by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) to discuss the framework of priorities for the resumption of peace talks. We call on the international community and peace-loving people to support this significant initiative in pursuing a just and lasting peace.

ICHRP Canada takes this opportunity to convey our solidarity with the Palestinian people, urging an end to genocide and just peace in Palestine. Furthermore, we implore all involved parties to earnestly confront the valid concerns of the Palestinian people against colonization and occupation of their territories.